At, we understand that your holster is an essential survival tool. Your holster needs to protect and retain your carry gun and keep it clean and secure.

Because we ourselves carry concealed, and take the responsibility that goes with it seriously, we will only sell equipment that we would use ourselves. We don't sell junk.

The selected holster models we sell, and holster manufacturers we represent, have met our stringent standards for professionalism, quality and functionality. Furthermore, we believe that their prices are reasonable.

You deserve to be treated courteously and professionally. Our holster manufacturers treat us that way and that's how you will be treated when you purchase a holster from us.

Our criteria for quality and functionality in a concealed carry holster are that:

1.  The holster conceals the gun well.
2.  The holster is comfortable to wear or carry.
3.  The holster retains your firearm securely and protects/covers your gun's trigger
4.  You can draw your firearm from your holster easily and quickly.

With a pocket holster, you want to choose a design such that:

1.  The pocket holster doesn't print G-U-N.
2.  The pocket holster keeps your gun upright in your pocket, so that the gun doesn't
      rotate in your pocket and end up pointing at your head.
3.  When you draw your pocket gun, the gun comes out smoothly without getting
4.  The pocket holster stays in your pocket (where it belongs) and does not come out
      with your gun!
5.  You don't have to perform seven different movements to draw your gun out of
      your pocket.

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